More Donations. Zero Effort.

Everyone has a cell phone in their hand. Everyone loves to Give. Everyone loves a deal.  Offer Motivating Donation is here.

Offer Motivated Donation Store

Are you a Nonprofit? Want More Donations. Zero Effort.


Simple. Sign up today.  We set up your very own Store to Motivate your Givers to donate every time they shop, eat out or buy a service. 

When your Givers shop, click, give, and redeem their donation - you could raise an extra $1,800 or more per month and not even lift a finger! 

We set up everything and every donation can be direct deposited into your account!

Your Givers Donate every time they shop.


Stop asking for money.    

Start Rewarding your Givers.  

What if everyone in your email list of Givers donated $10 today?

Local Businesses Motivate Donations


As a Charity, we know it’s a lot of work to get certificates, products and donations from local businesses. 

Guess What?  We work with local businesses to set up your store with their business offers. 

Your Givers can donate every time they shop. 

Zero Effort. More Donations. 

How about an extra $1,800 per month, every month?

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