More Donations. More Customers. More Savings. Zero Effort. Click Give Save.

Everyone has a cell phone in their hand. Everyone loves to Give. Everyone loves a deal.  Fundraising as a Service is here.  

Offer Motivated Giving Donation Site

More Donations. Zero Effort.


Simple. We set up your very own Mobile Donation Store to Motivate your members to donate once a week when they shop, eat out or buy a service -

if 200 Giving Shoppers click, give, and save more than they give,  in 12 weeks you will have $12,000 in your account. 

We do all the work setting up all the offers and merchandise on your very own donation deal store. Every donation direct deposit into your account!

Everyone will donate regularly when they get it back!


Rewarding. Stop emailing for dollars over and over and over. 

Start rewarding your Givers every time they Give. The future of Giving is connecting local Philanthropy with local Commerce.   

Our platform is one of the first to create a recycling donation. 

Givers choose a deal on YOUR site, donate, then get it back in savings. Then do it again. And Again. All year long. 

52 weeks of recycling the same $10 donation just once a week creates $40 per month or $520 per year in donations versus the $100 donation a few times per year with no reward!

Local Business Love Repeat Customers.


Businesses love to Give. With donation deals they Give and Profit!  

The best advertising is on that brings in a paying customer. Our program brings in local loyal Givers that will spend more because the businesses motivated a donation to the Givers charity or school. 

For $33 per month, an Offer Motivated Giving participating business can promote their business directly to tens of thousands of local consumers that Give Shop And Save over and over and over. No advertising does this. 

Hey local businesses be a Halo and motivate giving to all your local organizations then enjoy the flood of repeat profitable customers.  

Best Advertising you will love to Buy.

Here is the Deal, every local charity and school needs money. They need you. 

Click below and sign up to motivate donations by offering great deals to hundreds of Givers per week to buy from you. You, the local business owner - The Giving begins with your Donation Deal. 

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Your Email gets $12k in 90 Donation Deal.

How to get a Donation Deal

Donation Deals raise money everyday because consumers consume everyday and get more than their donation back when they support local businesses that support local charities and schools. 

How to redeem a Donation Deal

Easy as click click click to redeem a Think Local Gives Donation Deal. 

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