Stewardess of Fundraising


Our Director of, well, Everything Local has a personality and commitment to Charitable Causes that shows up and gives you a hug well before Mary Grace does. She is our “been there, done that”  super experienced consummate Charity Board Expert.  

Our Social Media Master


Autumn is our Sarah Brightman of Social Media. I mean this gal can sing some social posts. Fun Fact - She sings Opera. Everyone wants her socializing their business. 

Market Image Super Pillar


When Shauna revs her Marketing Engine people stand up to listen. She is our Pillar of Balance - Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness and Fun. Her amazing talents and management skills accomplish 2 days of activity in every day!

Our Ms. Done Right.


Think Local Super Task Master of get it done before it hits the list, Laura our Business Manager par excellence keeps us grounded on the straight and narrow. Her advice on managing a PTO will be a best seller.